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Frenni Fawr hill

Trekking With The Rozelle Alpacas

Your trekking companions around Crymych and the surrounding countryside 

Based in the beautiful Pembrokeshire countryside our small herd of alpacas take small groups of visitors on a 2-hour walk through our beautiful countryside, followed by feeding, cuddles, and getting to know your alpaca.

The local area includes the 395 metre Frenni Fawr, a local hill, if you want to explore the hill later, a footpath runs up and across the brow, passing various early Bronze Age barrows, one of which is said to hold the mythical Frenni Fawr treasure, this is said to be guarded by a nasty ghost! Also situated on the top of the hill was an Iron Age hill fort, well worth the walk. 

We also sell alpaca gifts online and at the farm

Our girls

We have five beautiful female alpacas in our herd, two are mums, Hyacinth has Qabala aged 6 and Ursula aged 2 and Gallie is mum to Uma aged 2.

Our ladies are currently expecting cria so do not trek with us but they will be very happy to meet our visitors.

Our boys

Our 5 Rozelle boys are all reasonably young, Toby is 3 and is very loving, he especially likes kisses, Usain was named after Usain Bolt as he was very quick to be born, Wolfie is the smallest, he is quiet  and shy but very sweet natured, Tolly is naughty and disrupts everyone's peace and last of all is Balthazar, who has the demeanor of a regal gentleman.

The boys do the trekking with us and you will be paired up with the most compatible for your group. 

Enjoy this amazing Rozelle alpaca experience in South West Wales, book today
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